Lore (noun): a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed person to person by word of mouth. Synonyms: mythology, myths, legends, stories, traditions, folklore, fables, oral tradition, mythos.

LORE and little things is the creation of author and speaker, Jeanette Schneider, and has been designed to bring a little light and conversation to your day.

LORE caters to the woman who wants to be part of a conversation that is positive, present and offers no advice other than trust yourself and harm no one. We are all in the business of making the best decisions we can each day, be it in the work place, within our relationships and as we guide our children. We are here to celebrate that we all want, we all make choices and some of us are raising impressionable little people. While we scratch our heads and try to inform ourselves no one has the Top Ten Ways to do anything perfectly.

That’s the beauty of the adventure, right?

Jeanette Schneider is mom to a miracle kiddo named Olivia, is delicately navigating the newfangled world of “co-parenting,” previously blogged as Little Ms J, is a contributing writer at BLVDS magazine and has a big girl job that keeps her in beautifully painful high heels and intimately familiar with TSA. She is also a trained public speaker, proud advocate for women’s issues and community activist. In 2016 she was named a Vegas, Inc. Woman To Watch.


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