The Love Is Viral Show Episode 85: Awareness of Self with Vipul Bhesania

Vipul Bhesania, also known as V, has spent the last year in deep reflection, with a desire to find out what is truly important. Delving deeper into the realm of consciousness, his focus has been on strengthening his awareness of self by questioning what is no longer serving him on his journey, and releasing all that was not in alignment with where he is going. Vipul regularly speaks on the topic of Consciousness and Universal Laws to teach others how to become a magnetic force that attracts abundance into their lives. 

In this episode, we discuss:  

Collective Consciousness, and how it is shifting during a pandemic. 

Mindless consumption, and the power digital media holds in our everyday lives. 

Tools to assist you in raising your vibration, and that of the planet. 

Being v Doing, and the importance of surrendering to the flow of life.

And why we need to learn to enjoy our own company, and discover what it is we actually want.

V is the host of the Know Your Legacy podcast, a writer and truth seeker. He expresses emotions as words to connect with people on a deeper level.  

I love Vipul’s advice to Love Relentlessly, don’t be scared to open your heart, and go all in on love. 

You can find Vipul on Instagram @vipulbhesania and @knowyourlegacy

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Until next time – in the words of my grandma, “Love each other every day.”

In your ears, filling your heart.



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