The Love Is Viral Show Episode 82: Empowering Empaths with Annie Emprima-Martin

Annie Emprima-Martin believes the way to mastery as an empath is to switch our empathic valve to one of transmission. Annie helps her clients understand the power of the mind by showing them that by using words and thoughts they can manipulate the hormones in their body. 

Annie is a mom, Army veteran, certified spiritual empowerment coach, and startup investor. 

In this episode, we discuss:  

How to identify and manage what we feel in our body as an empath. 

The vibration of words and our feelings .

The power of our mind and its connection to what we feel in our body. 

How overcoming trauma can be viewed as a lesson in order to assist others in moving through a similar experience. 

And how we can move out of a state of chaos into one of clarity.

Annie served in the Nevada Army National Guard. She was deployed to Kuwait in 2016, traveling to cities in Jordan, Iraq, and Qatar during the deployment. At the time, she served as finance support operations for the 17th Sustainment Brigade. She was responsible for money as a commodity on the battlefield, conducting vault audits on U.S. and foreign currency at installations throughout the Middle East

She has a master’s degree in metaphysical humanistic science and a bachelor’s in business administration. She holds multiple certificates in various categories of coaching but her true calling is in metaphysical empowerment coaching.

Her spiritual gifts – high intuition and the ability to intensify strengths and weaknesses in others – began developing during her deployment. It has become a mission of hers to work with entrepreneurs and business professionals in her community to facilitate their awakening into their own mind-body-soul strengths, abilities, and life purpose through her coaching and consulting company, One.Emprima.

I love Annie’s reminder to fill our cup first so we can overflow with love, creating a ripple effect to make love go viral across the globe. 

You can find Annie online at and on Instagram @one.emprima

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Until next time – in the words of my grandma, “Love each other every day.”

In your ears, filling your heart.



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