Gold with Jeanette Schneider Episode 65: Surrender To Solitude with Valerie Gangas

Valerie Gangas lost her mother in 2011 and experienced profound life-shattering grief. It was a huge turning point in her life, as it caused her to go into a deep suicidal depression, “a complete annihilation of who I she was.” Shortly after her mother’s death, Valerie learned Transcendental Meditation™ and in her first meditation, she says, “my entire life radically changed in 20 minutes.” The spiritual awakening she experienced was a foundational shift and a powerful transformation in both her awareness and her life. (Hence, the name of her upcoming podcast is: “Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong!”)

Valerie is a transformational speaker, life coach and author of Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life. She specializes in helping people make radical shifts in their self-perception to gain a deeper understanding of who they are, so they can genuinely thrive and unleash their magic more fully into the world.

Growing up outside Chicago, Illinois, Valerie had an interest in the mysteries of the world and a strong drive to connect with the Universe, which she inherited from her mother who was a poet, former nun and a major influence in Valerie’s life. 

Valerie received her bachelor’s degree in theology and women’s studies from DePaul University, and earned her master’s degree in transpersonal psychology and certification in leadership and life coaching at Sofia University in Palo Alto. 

The David Lynch Foundation hired Valerie to give talks about the benefits of meditation and developing consciousness within corporations (including respected advertising and financial firms), private practices and student groups at top schools around the country, such as Loyola University School of Medicine. She eventually began working directly with Oprah Winfrey and her staff at Harpo Studios, and for two years she talked to groups of Oprah’s staff members about meditation and consciousness. 

Valerie sums up her philosophy for optimal living: “Once you’re regularly tuning in to your soul’s voice, through daily meditation, prayer, nature walks, whatever works for you, follow the signs, embrace the mystery, and trust the Universe.” 

I loved this episode, I love this woman. So many tears were shed while we talked and I hope you took something beautiful away that just might change your life.. or your perspective.

To learn more about Valerie and her work, visit Valerie’s website and her instagram @valeriegangas

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Until next time – in the words of my grandma, “Love each other every day.”

In your ears, filling your heart.



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