Gold with Jeanette Schneider Episode 54: Dance Like No One Is Watching with Jaycee Gossett

Jaycee Gossett believes that if you’re not moving, you’re dying. In addition to helping her manage stress, Jaycee recognized her love for dance by the way it always made her feel more like herself. It is the thing that lights her up, energizes her, and makes her feel connected to the universal energy that surrounds us. She is on a mission to get the world to dance and move as a way to express energy and cleanse the body. Whatever creative movement makes your body happy, Jaycee wants you to do more of that.

Jaycee Gossett is a Founding Teacher and the VP of Experience at The Class by Taryn Toomey. As a teacher of The Class she guides her students to move beyond the intensity of the surface to seek the empowering, expressive freedom within.

Today Jaycee and I discuss the therapeutic benefits of dance and movement, the physical and emotional release that it brings, and how it gives us a deeper connection to our mind, body, and soul.

I loved talking with Jaycee about the power of dance and movement, and it’s connection to the health of our mind, body, and soul. Remember, we are all dancers at heart, we only need to move our bodies in a creative way that feels right and good for us. Get out there and dance!

You can find Jaycee on IG @jayceegossett And you can find more information on The Class at

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Until next time – in the words of my grandma, “Love each other every day.”

In your ears, filling your heart.



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