Gold with Jeanette Schneider Episode 18: Girl, Get Your $hit Together with Lisa Chastain

Lisa Chastain had to rewrite her “money story” and change her limiting beliefs surrounding money. It changed her life. She recounts the day she tearfully realized money coaching for millennial women was her calling. Lisa shares with us the bullet points of “adulting” when it comes to money, debt, savings and throws the dirty word “budget” out the window. She advises, instead, to “Design Your Life.”

Lisa has been coaching, mentoring and advising millennials for nearly 20 years. Her company, Millennial Consulting LLC inspires women to be the boss of their finances and lives by teaching and mentoring them on control of money, living purposefully and loving their lives. Her #1 Bestselling book Girl, Get Your $hit Together, teaches millennial women how to own their history with more so they can boss up and own their futures.  

Lisa was recently featured on CNBC, O – Oprah Magazine, Fortune and Entrepreneur magazines and was one of Las Vegas Women Magazine’s People To Watch in 2018.

Lisa’s advice is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s a whole lot of accountability and the brave act of removing your blinders, love. Get clear on what you have, what you want, and you can move financial mountains. I’ll never forget her charge, “I want everyone to wake up and love your life, but you have to know what that life costs you.”

You can find Lisa on Twitter @moneycoachC or IG @lisachastain4. Pick up her book Girl, Get Your $hit Together on Amazon.  

Lisa and I talk about doing deep work to uncover your messaging which is the cardinal point of my new book LORE: Harnessing Your Past to Create Your Future. Get into the work with me. LORE is available on Amazon or

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