Say it.

Occasionally you will stumble upon a moment that will inspire and uplift you. I had one of those on Friday. I was running errands when I stopped short as the ad below caught my eye and I then caught my breath and shook my head.

IMG_6871I posted a quick photo on Facebook with my irritation and suddenly women across the country were not only agreeing that it was insulting, but posting photos of other ads they’d recently come across that caused them pause, such as this one in a San Diego Lululemon window.


While those of us who have either tried CrossFit, have friends that lift or have trained understand this is a play on words, the connotation is clear. Lulu is obviously trying to branch out from yoga to the fit girl world and get it, kids. But, don’t get it at the expense of the women that are willing to lay down $150 for your pants while also being demoralized. Don’t get it at the expense of the young and highly impressionable girls that are walking by your store who aren’t eating lean meat out of tupperware and trying to get cut. Don’t get it in a world where your word play sets us back as a gender by fifty years.

I knew I was going to do something with all of this, but I didn’t have to as the day unwound itself. One of my highly intelligent and badass friends who also happens to serve as the President of the Women’s Exchange for her company very kindly handled it in her trademark “I got this” way. Both companies were contacted via email or social media on behalf of her Women’s group with a kind notification that the ads generated a “collective disgust” and simply asked that they be removed.

They were.


The jeweler apologized for the offense and advised that the ad would be moved by the following afternoon.



Women posted support, posted love, posted that they absolutely loved the conversation that was transpiring. In 24 hours ads that were not well thought through were removed because someone used their grace, class and smarts to speak on behalf of a larger collective.

You should never be afraid of your voice. Used constructively you can inspire others, inspire change and maybe even maybe.. make a marketing team think twice no matter where they end up in the world. Maybe that is just a few fewer girls that will see a message they shouldn’t.

Say it.

Always say it.

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