Glitter: Preach, Girl


I stumbled on to MILK AND HONEY by Rupi Kaur because I saw the above quote on Instagram and immediately bought the book out of sheer curiosity and hope. Kaur is described as a feminist poet and I wanted her to have beautiful things to say. She didn’t disappoint. Her prose is raw, bewitching and simple. The book is a collection of poetry about survival and per her description, “the experience of violence, abuse, love and femininity.”

The first chapter, The Hurting, hurt. But in that – Ohmygod, YES, kind of way when a woman says something you’ve never given yourself permission to say. She describes the way a girl is raised to view her own body in a hyper sexualized world.

MILK AND HONEY opened my eyes to how a child’s relationships become shaped by their parents and to the sadness that sits in a girl’s heart when she realizes that love doesn’t come the way she first expects. Not every boy she meets is truly, madly, deeply. Some just come to rest awhile.

These are conversations we should have with the girls in our lives.

These are conversations we should have with our daughters.

I suggest we give our daughters their voices and their confidence before they look for it out of cynicism and hurt.

Before they have to write a poem.

Whether or not poetry is your thing or some of her words about young love resonate – I love her mission to make women look at ourselves and each other in a beautiful, accepting light.



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