Baby, get ready


As we get ready to plant our garden and anxiously await our first harvest Olivia and I have been playing with veggies in the kitchen. It is part experimentation and part psychological warfare on a soon-to-be four year old who likes steak and Doritos.

Want to make a child eat vegetables? Rainbow carrots. It was our gateway vegetable.

IMG_5393After carrots we moved to beets and my heart skipped a little the other night when she asked for them for dinner. I regularly look over to the table to find her with a beet-stained mouth and a big smile. I roast them with olive oil, pink himalayan salt and rosemary. When done I quickly blanch them in orange juice and top my serving with goat cheese.

Liv isn’t there yet.

IMG_5360My most recent fun finding is cauliflower rice. It looks just like white rice, but far tastier. Just pulse cauliflower florets in a food processor and add to onion sautéing in olive oil and a little butter. After five minutes you add 1/3 cup chicken stock and let it steam for five minutes. Fluff, add fresh parsley and pink himalayan salt and pepper.

I’m currently working on the perfect (and more importantly – filling) breakfast smoothies including kale, fruits and variations of almond milk, frozen green grapes as my ice cubes and super foods like chia, flaxseed and such. Yesterday’s was absolutely disgusting, but today’s was pretty good. Once I get some decent options under my belt that don’t inspire gagging I’ll post.

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